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We believe in freedom of choice!

Using blockchain technology, we split hospitality real estate into small fractions, making it accessible for everyone!

Hospitality real estate at your fingertips

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and own a piece of paradise.

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The Business Model

The easiest way to buy into hospitality real estate




How it works

Start your hospitality real estate journey in 3 easy steps


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Choose your package

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Watch it grow

Utilise live data to track progress, earn returns and watch your money grow.

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The future of real estate

liquid, fast and secure transactions through blockchain technology


The roadmap shows how we started, where we are right now and what we intend to do in the future.


What’s happened?

  • Created a groundbreaking business model that grows and benefits our community.
  • Opened up new avenues for the funding of luxury real estate projects
  • Identified alternative opportunities in the real estate industry

Where are we now?

  • Building a state-of-the-art platform.
  • Signing up luxury hotel groups from around the world.
  • Partnering with industry experts and making data-driven decisions.
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What’s next?

  • First hotel projects launched and fully funded on the platform.
  • App release and international growth of backers.
  • Generate growth for hotel partners and returns for our community.

Our Vision

  • Integration of community benefits in App
  • Open trading exchange for the community of backers
  • Grow hotel portfolio to encourage diversifying investments

The freedom of choice

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and own your piece of paradise.

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Track your purchases

Get hourly updates how your hospitality real estate performs and how much money you make

Secure & Easy.

Deposit and withdraw funds with your credit card or bank transfer.


Fractional purchases secured by blockchain technology.

We digitally break down the value of large properties & divide them into digital assets that make global backing simple and accessible.

Backing in every hotel project will be made available through limited NFT packages.

For entry level backers

Backers looking for a bit more diversity in their portfolio

Higher stakes mean highers rewards and access to preferred deals

The full package.


Buy into and sell hospitality real estate in a matter of minutes with a secure system and no entrance barriers.

Low Entrance

Start with 100€ No paperwork or loans from the bank.

Fractional Ownership

Share risk & reward. Rather a small part from a huge pie than a large part from a small pie

Liquid, fast, secure

Blockchain technology brings flexibility to an illiquid asset class

Portfolio diversity

Build a global portfolio that minimises the risk and multiplies income streams

Today a dream, tomorrow a reality

Changing the way you see hospitality real estate, so you can reach your full potential.

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Frequently asked qustions

Anwers to our most frequently asked questions are just one click away.

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Brands interested in selling their properties to Azqira and our community.