November 29, 2023

10 enchanting destinations for a magical holiday getaway

Juggling gift shopping, wrapping, decor, meal planning, and more can make the holidays overwhelming, especially when handling it all at home. Why not opt for a trip instead?

These 10 enchanting destinations are each boasting their own unique charm. Dive into our holiday hotel guide and insider tips for an unforgettable Christmas experience, elevating your festive season trip to pure magic.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Dreamy Hotel: Mount Nelson Hotel

Nestled at the foot of Table Mountain, this iconic hotel radiates historic charm and sophistication, offering lush gardens and majestic views of the mountain.

Insider Tip: Explore the enchanting Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for their magical festive concerts amid blooming indigenous flora.

2. Salzburg, Austria

Dreamy Hotel: Hotel Sacher Salzburg

Nestled along the Salzach River, this historic hotel exudes elegance, providing a splendid view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Insider Tip: Attend the renowned Salzburg Christmas Market for delightful treats and traditional handicrafts in the backdrop of stunning Baroque architecture.

3. Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Dreamy Hotel: Kasbah Tamadot

Sir Richard Branson’s Moroccan retreat, this luxury oasis offers breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains and authentic Berber hospitality.

Insider Tip: Venture into the nearby Berber villages to experience their warm culture and savor authentic tagine dishes.

4. Whistler, Canada

Dreamy Hotel: Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Tucked in the heart of the Rockies, this castle-like hotel offers ski-in/ski-out access and an opulent spa for a cozy winter retreat.

Insider Tip: After hitting the slopes yourself, take part in the Fire & Ice Show. This exhilarating event features skiers and snowboarders performing stunts through a ring of fire and then ending with a spectacular fireworks display.

5. St Lucia, Caribbean

Dreamy Hotel: Jade Mountain Resort

Perched above the Caribbean Sea, this architectural marvel with infinity pools in each suite offers unparalleled views of the Pitons.

Insider Tip: Snorkel in Anse Chastanet Marine Park to discover vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life.

6. Finnish Lapland

Dreamy Hotel: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Nestled amidst the Arctic Circle, these cozy treehouse suites offer panoramic views of the Northern Lights.

Insider Tip: Visit Santa Claus Village for a whimsical experience, meeting Santa himself and exploring his enchanting workshop.

7. New York City, USA

Dreamy Hotel: The Plaza Hotel

An iconic landmark along Fifth Avenue, The Plaza exudes timeless luxury, offering unparalleled views of Central Park and opulent holiday decorations.

Insider Tip: Glide across the ice at Wollman Rink in Central Park for a quintessential New York winter experience.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

Dreamy Hotel: Aria Hotel Prague

Nestled in the heart of Mala Strana, this musical-themed boutique hotel exudes elegance and offers stunning views of Prague Castle.

Insider Tip: Wander through the charming Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square for handmade gifts and mulled wine.

9. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Dreamy Hotel: Zuri Hotel

What about following up Kili trek with a revitalising escape to Zanzibar afterwards? The Zuri hotel, with its village-style design, boasts 56 standalone bungalows surrounded by lush greenery and fragrant spice gardens.

Insider Tip: Embark on a unique Christmas safari, encountering wildlife in their natural habitat against the stunning backdrop of the snow-capped peak.

10. St. Moritz, Switzerland

Dreamy Hotel: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

Overlooking Lake St. Moritz and the majestic Swiss Alps, this iconic hotel boasts elegant suites and impeccable service amidst a winter wonderland.

Insider Tip: Go and experience the traditional Engadin “Chalandamarz.” This ancient festival, usually celebrated on March 1st, involves children dressed in traditional costumes parading through the streets, ringing cowbells to drive away winter and welcome spring. During the Christmas season, you might find echoes of this unique Engadin tradition, offering a glimpse into local culture and festivities.