January 24, 2024

2 Not-too-far Places to go to Escape European Winter

Turn "Holiday" Movie into "Baywatch" TV Show Vibes

Yeah, it would be cool to switch the location just like changing channels on TV.

When you're done with the frozen fingers and endless layers of clothing, it's time to escape to warmer climes. Do you feel me?

So let’s see where we can go from Europe without spending an eternity on a plane!

I am just sitting under a blanket next to the fireplace and I decided to make a promise to you: I’ll be only talking about places where the mercury hits a minimum of 20 degrees! Because anything less just wouldn't be cool or would it be too cool :)?

#1: Canary Islands


That’s where I first dipped my toes into the endless summer life – Fuerteventura!

I went there for a two-week break and you know what? I ended up staying for half a year!

This place is like a magnet for all the cool, sporty, creative, fun-loving folks out there. It's a digital nomad's paradise, a surfer's dream, a yoga enthusiast's retreat, and a surfskaters’ playground.

I guess you already figured I am in love with this place but there is one minus. Cactuses and palm trees? You bet! Any other greenery? Not so much. It's like landing on the Moon. Maybe that's why Star Wars was shot here?


If you're into capturing landscapes or architectural wonders, you just need to go there!

It is much calmer than Fuerteventura and ok, I’m gonna be honest - just so much prettier!

Imagine this: black sand, white houses with vibrant green doors and windows.

And while you're there, make sure you grab a coffee at Mirador del Río or catch a dinner show at Jameos del Agua. I've been around the globe a fair bit, but Lanzarote? It's just a different kind of awesome!


That’s not all … We’ve got not one, not two, but SEVEN (!) main Canary Islands - each with its own unique charm. Explore the sand dunes of Gran Canaria, the lush forests of La Palma or La Gomera. And let's not forget about the vibrant nightlife in Tenerife (they have as well a wave pool)!

#2: Morocco

Wave hello to Morocco, where winter is just a whisper in the wind!

Picture busy markets where vibrant colours and spices dance together (I don’t know about you, but I can already see myself buying a Moroccan carpet or lamp!). Or long camel rides across the Sahara Desert, where the golden dunes meet the azure sky. Don't forget about the perfect surfing conditions. And, of course, there's the Moroccan cuisine - think aromatic tagines and sweet mint tea.

For some reason I started to feel a bit warmer just writing about those places…

So, grab your sense of adventure, and come experience the magic of summer.

Winter? Never heard of her!