March 27, 2024

3 European Cities and the Best Time to Visit

Next to the question “where to go”, there is always a question “when”. When the weather is good, not too cold, not too hot, and also cheaper and less crowded than during the peak season. Instead of scratching your head and being in the mode of questions with no answer, take our piece of advice, which is: keep reading.

Here are three dreamy European metropoles and the best times to go for a visit when their streets are bathed in sunlight but not overrun by crowds. And who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other on one of them?


The romantic, timeless and history-filled city of Rome. The capital of the pasta, pizza and parmigiana country is best when the sun is not burning our soft skin and the queue to see the Colosseum takes an hour instead of a day.

The Washington Post believes that time is now—from February to March. Skyscanner also reports that the lowest flight prices between Rome and the US are during this time.


The second city where love is unstoppable and the importance of food and wine is almost equal to the importance of life: Paris. While Paris might not be as hot as Rome during the summer, trust us—it can get even more crowded. February to April and September—that’s the answer.


The city of art, with one-of-a-kind architecture and pastel de nata: Lisbon. If you want to listen to Fado music without elbow fights, think May to June and September. But something for something: As the crowd and accommodation prices will not be as high, the flight prices in June are the highest.

If your work or kids only allow you to travel during the peak time, don’t give up. While the crowds might be tagging along, you still hold the upper hand in the game of flight prices. It's time to uncover some traveler tricks. Begin your journey now by scouting out accommodations and flights. Make friends with Google Flights. It’s like having a personal travel guru with you, guiding you towards the best offers. This magical tool can whisper whether the airline's price is dancing higher or lower than seasonal averages.

Here's another tip: Aim for a sweet spot between four to seven months ahead and remember, always shop for flights in the opposite season to the one you're currently in.

We know sometimes it’s hard to think about the future. But when it comes to future travel plans, somehow that’s easier, isn’t it?