March 20, 2024

3 Places to Work Remotely From

Did you know we have our people literally scattered around the world? Even though we are still in the beginning of our journey and our team is constantly growing, it seems kind of global already: we have people working remotely from Cape Town, Barcelona (soon Lombok, Indonesia), Poland (soon Fuerteventura, Spain), Portugal, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. And that is only our core team!

Since we don’t have an office and are all working remotely, we’ve already seen some places. And let’s say it like this: some places are just better to work from than others :). So here’s our top 3 places we would choose to come back to.


Let’s start from east. Yes, nothing new: Bali!

Bali has changed, I agree, but you just need to know where to go and which places you need to escape from! This place is definitely one of the best if you are starting your digital nomad journey because … the internet is great, the coworking spaces are beautiful, it is super safe and local people are one of the nicest ones and everyone can find their place. If you want to escape from everyone and everything and be one with nature, go to Sideman. If you want to party, shop, eat in fancy places and wait in horrible traffics, go to Canggu. If you want to experience all spiritual events there are, go to Ubud. If you want to surf, ride scooters with the wind in your hair, feel more the chill-surf vibe but still have some amazing places to go to, go to Uluwatu. I went there while I was travelling solo and I loved it! It was the end of 2022 when I was paying 330 eur my private bungalow and 50 eur for a scooter per month in Uluwatu, close to the centre. Pretty good, right?


If you’ve been once, you know. And you will come back for sure. If you haven’t been, here’s why Cape Town is on our list:

It’s the mixture of ocean and mountains, surfing and hiking, beach and food, culture and music, city and nature all combined in one place. The amount of things you can do in one day is far from normal. The day just seems to have more hours in Cape Town. You can go for a cold dip in the Atlantic Ocean in the morning, work from a café in town during the day, go hiking in the afternoon and enjoy sunset from Lions Head or one of many other view points – all on a casual Tuesday, if you want to. You think you’ve seen good sunsets already? Wait for those in South Africa. And thank us later.

How to spend the weekend if you want a break from work? Plenty of options: surfing in Muizenberg, hiking on Table mountain, go on a road trip to have a picnic in the wine lands or to one of many festivals around the city during summer time. If you have a bit more time to explore the country and want to escape the city a bit, we highly recommend exploring the Garden route.One’s for sure, Cape Town is the whole package! And we keep coming back.

Tip: Best time to visit the Mother city for late summer temperatures and a less crowded city is February to April.


A place where making friends is like breathing.

Surf is so consistent, you just wish you could go for 3-4 surf sessions a day. If you love the left wave, go to La Punta but I must warn you, it’s a bit crowded. If you just start your journey with surfing, try Manzanillo or if you just want to drink your matcha and watch pro surfers taking barels, head to Zicatella. And because I have a really good day today … I will uncover for you a hidden surf sport - Chacahua.

The latin vibe, language and music just makes you happy each second of the day. You can really enjoy the good music here. I recommend to start the evening with dinner at Somo or Mombasa and then head to Cactus or Mar & Wana.And the weather … Forget t-shirt or wetsuit, you will be wearing on thing: swimsuit!

I can’t decide what my next destination will be, I just want to be everywhere! What about you?