January 31, 2024

5 Female Travel Communities to Join on Your Next Solo Adventure

Our team at Azqira consists of travellers. 50% of them are women. All of them agree: every woman should travel solo at least once in her life. Why? The list is long: from fostering confidence and courage to facilitating profound personal growth and forging lasting connections ... you name it.

Dear Ladies, this is for you! In our quest to empower women wanderers, we've took a little deep dive into the universe of female travel communities and collected some inspiration for our fellow women wanderer out there. Our journey led us to a bunch of awesome platforms crafted to lift and cheer on women during their solo adventures.

So here are our five favourite apps to use for your next solo trip. Best part: These platforms are not only aimed at women but also female led. Safe travels, lovelies!

1. Travel Ladies App: Where Women Connect, Explore and Empower

Meet other women, find travel buddies, share experiences and stay with locals or plan future trips by asking other women tips for their trips. They also include a review of multiple cities for you to understand the level of safety!


2. Gals Who Travel: Your Passport to Safe and Exciting Adventures

Bronte King partnered with TruTravels organising trips to Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, Skiing in Andorra and the Philippines! These trips are the perfect opportunity to travel safely with like-minded people of a similar age.

Instagram: galswhotravel_

3. ATAW Travels: South America Adventures with a Touch of Sisterhood

A couple that started travelling all throughout South America, created a company put together routes and found local partners and organisations, which shared the same values, to work with providing travellers with authentic experiences and make memories that last a lifetime.

All this is not solely female led if their team is really striving to make solo travel safe and fun!

Instagram: atawtravels

4. Host A Sister: Where Women Wanderers Find Family Worldwide

Host A Sister started as a Facebook Group in 2019 by Rashvinda Kaur to offer women a safe place to travel and connect with each other. Today it's a community with more than half-a-million members in all continents, where thousands of sisters have met around the world and created lifelong friendships while empowering each other.

Instagram: hostasister

5. TripBFF: Your Global Companion for Memorable Journeys

TripBFF is an app where you can post your travel plans, join groups, make posts and more! It is perfectly designed to make friends around the globe!

Instagram: tripbff