April 19, 2024

6 Hotels Leading the Green Revolution in Hospitality

The conversation about protecting our environment is loud, but what about within the hotel industry? According to a survey by FloWater, nearly 60% of travellers lean towards eco-friendly hotels. Another study found that 75% of travellers are willing to pay more for green stays, given they know where that cash is going.

No matter which survey you look at, one thing seem to be loud and clear: the demand for sustainable hotels in the travel industry is not only strong, but this appetite is only getting bigger with time.

Let’s have a look at six hotels that have listened to this demand.

1. Svart, Norway

Svart is the world's first energy-positive hotel, which opened in 2021. Being energy-positive means it generates more energy than it consumes.

With its round shape, it has a 360-degree view of the Svartisen glacier. Svart it’s on a mission to cut down its energy use by 85% compared to regular hotels, all thanks to solar power.

2. Garonga Safari Camp, South Africa

The camp is serious about cutting their carbon footprint, using solar panels for 30% of their energy needs. That’s not all! They've got a heater pump that cuts down on electricity use by 80% and a bio-gas setup that turns food and nature leftovers into cooking gas.

Aaaah and … water! They clean up the used water and recycle it back into the camp’s watering hole for the animals.

3. Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

You won't find any roads leading to this eco-lodge. So you choose: navigating the rushing rapids or a hopping on a hanging gondola to cross the river.

Pacuare Lodge generates electricity using a turbine from a nearby stream. And forget about buffets – you need to pre-order your meals to make sure nothing goes to waste. Your evening light will be only lanterns, so be ready for cozy, romantic time. And then, shower with solar-heated water or a dip in the infinity pool?

4. Playa Viva (Mexico)

This place not only offers relaxation but also opportunities to give back. You can volunteer at their turtle sanctuary! Playa Viva runs entirely off-grid, using solar power and a well for water. They're into reforestation, which helps soil and water quality and traps carbon in the soil.

And if that’s not enough … The resort helps the community, offering English classes for kids and taking part in recycling projects!

5. Keemala Eco Resort (Thailand)

This place is all about holistic living and organic dining with views of the jungle.

Keemala Eco Resort is directing methane from waste into the ground to cut greenhouse gases. Each villa treats its own water treatment system, meeting or beating government standards when released back into the environment. Let’s just say, the property was carefully designed to protect the natural ecosystem, preserving soil, trees, and water with minimal disruption.

6. Saffire Freycinet | Australia

Tasmania leads the way in sustainability, having gone carbon neutral in 2015 and supporting organic farming and local communities. Saffire Freycinet stands out as one of Australia's top eco-resorts.

They've replanted over 30,000 native plants to revive the area, most of their products come from Tasmania and they use clever airflow systems to heat and cool the resort.

We can just say: wow!

Let’s keep going this way!