April 25, 2024

9 Tips for Travelling Alone Without Feeling Lonely

Traveling alone. We're all about it – it's like unlocking a whole new level of living life. You can expect the unexpected, learn a lot about yourself, feel that limitless freedom; but you might also miss having someone next to you, especially when the trip doesn't go as planned, when sitting at a restaurant, or when taking in the most beautiful landscape but … all by yourself.

When you’re traveling alone, you're like a magnet for other solo travelers, and that's when the magic happens. You end up in destinations you didn't plan to go, trying things you never even thought about. Every morning, you wake up not knowing how the day will go, just open to whatever comes your way. But it's still a bit scary to step onto a plane knowing there won't be a familiar face waiting at the other end, right? "What if my credit card or phone decides to go on vacation too?" We all have those thoughts.

And here we go! How to travel alone without feeling lonely?

  1. Write. Use journaling prompts, start a travel journal, write postcards, letters to your family, friends, or even yourself—write down anything that comes to your mind.
  2. Listen. Download your favorite podcasts or songs.
  3. Read. Bring a few books with yourself and you might feel so connected with the characters that no loneliness will come to you.
  4. Take photos and make videos. Having a goal will keep you busy and pushing loneliness far away.
  5. Sign up for activities like yoga, cooking, surfing or dancing lessons, book an Airbnb experience—anything! Shared interests bring like-minded people together.
  6. Visit local cafes, markets, community events, bars, or parties and just start talking to someone!
  7. Try working in a co-working space!
  8. Choose coliving accommodations and just go to a living room!
  9. Choose an organized trip where you're sure to meet other people, and for sure you’ll get along with someone!

We will finish with this quote: "Just as you're choosing to travel to experience new things, give yourself permission to feel different emotions throughout your journey," says Samantha Bender, LCSW-S, a therapist at Octave based in Texas.