June 17, 2023

Azqira Connect Lisbon: A Weekend of Innovation and Community | First Azqira Event

On June 3rd, the Azqira Connect event was held in Lisbon with representatives from 12 countries in attendance. As everyone attending brought diverse perspectives, experiences and cultural, professional as well as personal backgrounds, an extraordinary atmosphere was created where the boundaries were blurred and connections were formed beyond geographical borders.

Azqira's mission attracts global professionals who share a passion for innovation and a desire to stay ahead in the world of technology. Therefore the event acted as a melting pot of interactions and ideas, enabling cross-pollination of insights and paving the way for making buying into hotels a community lifestyle - for travel lovers, financial futurists and forward-thinking minds.

To kick this special weekend in June off, the Azqira Inner Circle community and team members gathered for an exclusive VIP dinner on Friday, connecting on a deeper level in an intimate setting. Combining urban flair with jungle vibes, the venue couldn’t have been more appropriate for this special evening.

The excitement continued into Saturday with the Azqira Connect Event, where attendees had exclusive access to the sandbox version of the highly anticipated Azqira app. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, as industry experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs discussed the future of hospitality. Web3 specialists, entrepreneurs, investors, hospitality experts and inspiring minds of different backgrounds came together to share their visions of the future of hospitality and built connections with each other.

On Sunday, we all closed and reflected on the weekend as we gathered for a padel session at Lisbon’s scenic padel courts right under the famous 25 de Abril Bridge at the Tagus river. We unwound all memories, experiences and learnings from the past days while enjoying pizza, sunset and each other's company.

The Azqira Connect weekend was a celebration of community, innovation, and collaboration, highlighting the limitless possibilities that arise when like-minded individuals come together with a common purpose. Get ready to broaden your horizons and make valuable connections that will drive your innovation forward - keep an eye out for our future events!