February 21, 2024

From B&Bs to Boutique Resorts: Goldman Sachs' Hotel Investment Saga


Goldman Sachs, a global financial powerhouse, has a storied history of strategic investments across various sectors. One intriguing facet of their investment portfolio is their foray into the hotel industry. In this article, we'll explore Goldman Sachs' strategy in hotel investments over the years, highlighting notable acquisitions and shedding light on their immediate focus for future endeavors in the hotel industry.

In a series of strategic moves over the years, investment giant Goldman Sachs has demonstrated a keen interest in the hotel industry, acquiring a diverse range of properties across different regions. The firm's commitment to hotel investments aligns with a broader trend in the market, where private equity firms are increasingly becoming significant players in the hospitality sector. Goldman Sachs participated in the subsequent acquisitions.


B&B Hotels

In 2019, Goldman Sachs made a notable move by nearing a deal to acquire the B&B Hotels chain from PAI Partners for approximately 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion). This marked a substantial return for the Paris-based private equity firm, PAI Partners, which initially invested in the French hotelier in 2016 for about 790 million euros. The B&B Hotels chain, founded in 1990, boasts over 479 hotels in various markets, including Europe, Brazil, and Morocco.


The Belfry Hotel & Resort

Building on this momentum, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Cedar Capital Partners announced the acquisition of The Belfry Hotel & Resort in the United Kingdom from an affiliate of KSL Capital Partners in 2021. The Belfry, a renowned golf resort with a rich history of hosting the Ryder Cup, fits into Goldman Sachs' strategy of investing in high-quality assets positioned to benefit from post-COVID hospitality and leisure trends.



In 2022, Goldman Sachs continued its hotel investment spree by injecting 130 million euros into the Greek hotel industry. The investment aimed at acquiring and upgrading three hotel units from the GHotels group, expanding the firm's presence in the thriving Greek tourism market. This move is part of a broader trend of major institutional investors, including Goldman Sachs, making substantial foreign direct investments in Greek tourism.


Sunset Hospitality Group

Goldman Sachs further diversified its hotel portfolio by providing $35 million in funding to Sunset Hospitality Group in 2022. The Dubai-based group, known for developing and operating popular lifestyle brands, plans to utilise the funding for ambitious international expansion, including the opening of flagship property METT Hotel & Beach Resort in Marbella.


Different Hotels in Japan

Expanding its global footprint, Goldman Sachs, along with SC Capital Partners and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, formed a consortium in 2023 to acquire a portfolio of 27 resort hotels in Japan. Valued at approximately $900 million, this acquisition showcases the firm's commitment to the long-term relative value of the highly sought-after Japanese hotel sector.

Future hotel expansion strategy

Looking at 2023, Goldman Sachs invested $200 million into three Greek hotels and revealed plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in additional hotels in the country, emphasising a continued interest in the country's burgeoning tourism sector. The bank reportedly acquired the three seaside resorts in Halkidiki and planning extensive renovations to enhance their appeal to visitors.

Goldman Sachs' strategic acquisitions in the hotel industry reflect a broader trend of major financial institutions recognising the potential for significant returns in the hospitality sector. As the firm continues to expand its hotel portfolio, it solidifies its position as a key player in shaping the future of the global hospitality industry.