August 30, 2023

Is it Safe to Invest with a Company Based in Dubai?

This is a question we often get asked here at Azqira. The simple answer is 'YES!', so in this blog post we will delve into how it is safe for a foreigner to invest with a company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Globalisation has opened up vast opportunities, with more and more individuals exploring international investment options to diversify their portfolios and achieve better returns. The UAE has emerged as a favourable investment destination, attracting foreigners from around the world. Why? Well there are a whole host of reasons and below we explore just a few of these.

Stable and Robust Economy

The UAE boasts a stable and robust economy, primarily driven by its oil reserves and strategic geographic location, making it a financial hub in the Middle East. The country has diversified its economy significantly in recent years, focusing on sectors such as tourism, real estate, finance, and technology. This economic diversification has helped the UAE withstand global economic fluctuations and create a secure environment for foreign investors. Stability is a core value for Azqira.

The UAE is renowned for its pro-business environment and favourable investment policies. The government has taken significant steps to attract foreign investors by offering tax incentives, optimal ownership laws, etc., is an added advantage for investors seeking higher returns on their investments.

World-Class Infrastructure

Infrastructure development in the UAE is a remarkable success story. Modern and world-class infrastructure has been a key priority for the country. This commitment to continued development ensures a seamless experience for investors and businesses, minimising potential risks associated with investing in emerging markets.

Strict Regulatory Framework

The UAE has put in place a robust regulatory framework to ensure the safety and security of investments. The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) oversees the financial markets, while the Central Bank monitors banking and financial institutions. These entities work in tandem to enforce strict regulations and safeguard investor interests. Moreover, the UAE has a reputation for transparency and effective dispute resolution mechanisms, offering investors the confidence they need when investing in foreign markets. In addition to the strict regulatory environment of the UAE, Azqira also complies with regulatory requirements of the other jurisdictions in which we operate such as GDPR and MiCA which was recently introduced in Europe.

Well-Established Financial Sector

The UAE's financial sector is mature and well-established, with a diverse range of financial institutions offering comprehensive services. The presence of renowned international banks, asset management firms, and investment companies adds to the credibility of the country's financial landscape. For foreigners, accessing these institutions through UAE-based investment companies provides a gateway to the region's potential.

By leveraging the opportunities offered by Azqira, anyone can diversify their portfolios, potentially gain higher returns, and contribute to their long-term financial security. A great article by PwC and HSBC, with much more detail and even more topics can be found here: