June 11, 2024

Portugal: Insider Tips from João & Marta

Vacations – those luxurious times that usually occur twice a year, are coming. The pressing  question on everyone’s mind is: Where to go?

Here at Azqira, we're a bunch of helpful guys, here to offer some insider tips: Portugal. Forget about generic Google searches; get ready for personalised advice from João and Marta, two of our Azqira team members living in Portugal.

Você está pronta/o (are you ready)?

1. Ericeira (Marta’s base)

This is where I went from ‘never going to have a garden’ to starting my own garden on a balcony. This is where you can order a box of fresh veggies or fruits with door delivery, including a 1-hour chat with the field owner. Life here is slower and closer to nature. Green hills with colorful flowers, powerful waves hitting ocean-shaped cliffs, and white-blue or white-green houses. A place that transformed from a small fishing village to a surf paradise.

When you are here, definitely try:

  • A coffee and cinnamon roll at Vizinha
  • Pizza at Pepe Verde—they even have vegan cheese!
  • Surfing (I can’t share the spots because some locals might read this and my name is under the post)
  • Monday evening dj sunset session with the ocean view at Selina
  • Watching the sunset on Friday evening at Boardriders with live music
  • Jogging or trekking at Ribeira

And I almost forgot—if you want to know about all the events happening in Ericeira, visit my IG account: ericeira_events_

2. Lisbon & Costa da Caparica (João’s base)

Of course, once you are in Portugal, you should see a bit of Lisbon. Artsy streets with good food and culture, but let’s be honest: it’s still a city where it’s … hot and full of cars! So, with the first drops of sweat, take whatever you can: boat, train, bus, uber, and run to Costa da Caparica! Uffff, now we are safe and sound!

  • Let’s start with: 30 km of sandy beaches with over 20 surf spots!
  • Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was too far? No worries, here you can find Costa’s version of “Pão-de-Açúcar” - Cristo-Rei
  • Enjoy an amazing dinner at sunset at the best-kept secret on the south of Tagus - Restaurant Ponto Final
  • Feet in the sand, sunset and all-night long party at Irmão Beach Bar

Of course, Portugal has many, many, many more places to offer, but we promised personal tips from us, so there we are.

Give us a call if you visit!

João & Marta