May 16, 2024

Top 6 Budget Travel Myths – Busted!

Travel usually means a ticket to relaxation and a break from the daily routine. But the question is: how to make it affordable? That's where the challenge lies.

There's plenty of mixed information around about budget travel. These myths could end up emptying your wallet or, even worse, pushing you away from travelling.

Let’s dive into some of the myths about budget travel so you can save money and travel more, now and in the future. Shall we?

Myth 1: Flights are always wallet-wreckers - busted!

If you're flexible, flights can be gentle on your pocket. Check out Skyscanner – it lets you search flights from your destination to “EVERYWHERE”. Additionally, you can select an entire month for your travel dates, giving you more options.

I just gave it a try, and bingo! From Poland, I found a direct flight to Oslo, Norway for 27 euros!

And remember one thing: luggage is really expensive nowadays, so travel light and take only hand luggage with you! If I can do it, everyone can!

Myth 2: Paying in your home currency will save you money - busted!

You're abroad, using your credit card, and faced with a choice: home or local currency? Picking your home currency could mean getting hit with a fee and an awful exchange rate. In simpler words, for most people, it's best to pay in the local currency.

Myth 3: "Reward" cards will save you cash - busted!

Have you ever heard the promises that this airline or hotel reward card will fund your next trip? Sounds great, right? Well, in theory, it can work. You might use those cards enough to cover the annual fees. But here's the catch: when most people only travel once or twice a year, they end up spending more in fees than they're getting back in benefits. That means it usually only makes sense if you're traveling at least once a month!

Myth 4: Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel - busted!

Quick fact check about Airbnb: they claim to cut costs by letting you rent from other people instead of booking a hotel. Sounds like a wallet-saver, right? Well, the reality's a bit different. Back in the day, these platforms were a goldmine for great deals worldwide. But now? They've grown into big corporations. Often, you're not dealing with individuals, but rental companies. Hidden extra charges can quickly make the price much higher, going beyond what hotels charge. Can you still find some good deals? Of course, but it really takes some time to check all the options and compare the prices.

Myth 5: Organising the trip yourself is cheaper - busted!

Travel agencies score awesome deals with hotels and airlines. So, even if you fancy a local vibe abroad and are looking for a cozy apartment, it can sometimes cost you more than grabbing an all-inclusive deal. Those packages? They've got everything covered: flights, accommodation, airport transfers, and meals.

Myth 6: There is no privacy in a hostel - busted!

You can still have your privacy in a hostel, many hostels offer private rooms. You still have access to common spaces such as the living room and swimming pool, where you can meet new people right away. - that's a website you should check when searching for a hostel. But, keep in mind that some private rooms in hostels can be pricey too. Nowadays, it's important to compare prices across all options: AirBnB, hotels, and hostels. You never know which might offer the best deal.

In a nutshell, here are our three golden rules for saving cash while traveling:

  • Stay flexible
  • Pack light
  • Dedicate some hours to compare different offers

Here's to more adventures on a budget!