May 30, 2024

Tulum's Top 10 Sleep Spots

Papaya Playa Project

Can’t decide between the ocean and the jungle? Here, you don’t have to—you have both!

Papaya Playa Project was born with a mission for people to connect with themselves and nature, and to become an example of sustainable and responsible hospitality in Tulum. Sound ambitious? Maybe, but they have met these expectations.

"An oasis for creative souls and wellness-seekers, PPP’s mindful approach to the land and culture sets it apart from other hotels in the area. Nature and art come together in a sacred space between the sun and the sea."

Massages, beauty treatments, yoga, tai chi, meditation, snacks, and drinks overlooking the ocean—you can be ambitious too.

That’s what we call “barefoot luxury”.

Rubi Tulum

Dare to climb the ladder?

What ladder, you ask? The one that leads to your exclusive nest high above the Mayan jungle, where you can enjoy incredible 360-degree sunsets and views of Tulum.

If the ladder feels a bit daunting, no worries! Escape to the rooftop for a dip in your private pool, lounge in a hammock, stand under a waterfall, or relax on a wooden bridge with your favourite book. Sounds like a plan?

Well, Rubi is waiting!

We promise you'll feel the urge to become a photographer here—every corner is just begging for a photo!

Be Tulum

Calling all artists! Why? Because every corner here is a piece of art.

Sophistication simply blends here with nature's canvas.

Experience luxury that feels organic, a mix of the ocean and green wilderness, with art from the hands of bartenders and chefs in five different gastronomic havens.

Let’s not forget about music ...

Music is the heartbeat of Be Tulum. From vibrant DJ sets by the beach to the soulful tunes of live musicians and the rhythms of a Cuban band. As the sun sets, the night terraces come alive with sensational musical sessions that are nothing short of magical.

And if the music's too much, let the gentle sounds of waves or trees sing for you. Feel like unwinding? The spa awaits as well.

Muaré Tulum Hotel

Ready for the “Muaré effect”?

If you are mesmerised by this photo like we are, then you are ready!

“Muaré stands as a sanctuary seamlessly intertwining biodiversity, relaxation, and genuine warmth.”

Local architecture mixes luxury with bohemian design.

You will be surrounded by nature both outside and inside, as all materials are sourced from nature: cotton, linen, stones, shells, and wood.

Radhoo Tulum

Have you ever heard of someone getting bored of songbirds?

Neither have we. That's why we're sure you won’t get bored here!

Pass through the wooden portal onto palm-clad paths that lead you to the jungle wonderland of Radhoo Tulum. Here you can feel the vibrant heartbeat of the Mayan jungle.

And if you feel the need to take a rest from the songbirds, take a few steps into the oasis of well-being—the spa, or enjoy a complimentary yoga or meditation lesson, or a snack in one of the few restaurants!

La Valise Tulum

We bet you've admired the view from your bed many times, but have you ever had a rolling bed? That’s right—here, your bed can glide from the bedroom to the terrace. How cool is that?

“La Valise”—French for “suitcase”—means the essence of travel, promising a one-of-a-kind journey where cultured and curious souls embrace the spirit of exploration. As a luxury boutique brand, they promise a service that is truly unique to each guest.

Private beach access, double pools, a jungle setting featuring a natural cenote, an expansive pool, and private plunge pools …

Do we need anything else? Nah!

Hotel Milam

This place screams “you, you, you”! This is the place and time for you to find yourself and focus on you.

“We believe in the power of dreams and desires, embracing their significance in shaping our lives and guiding us toward our true potential.”

In this perfectly designed blend of luxury and comfort in the heart of the jungle, we are sure everyone can focus only on themselves. Okay, and maybe also on this incredible design!

Hotel Bardo

Are you ready to dive deep into your soul? That’s exactly what awaits you here!

Sure, everything seems normal: amazing design, jungle, pools, restaurants, spa, but ...

Their manifesto, their mission, is on another level:

“Embrace the unknown, experience through design, celebrate cultural heritage, nourish the body and enrich the soul, heal and connect”—and that’s just a part of it.

Our Habitas

Looking for more than just a hotel?

Welcome to a sustainable sanctuary where you can connect, dream, and celebrate. Celebrate what, you ask? Celebrate music, wellness, adventure, art, food, and giving back—that’s the pulse of the Our Habitas experience, creating magical worlds where strangers become friends and friends become family.

Our Habitas offers guests a complimentary daily schedule centered around six pillars: Art & Culture, Wellness, Adventure, Learning, Food & Beverage, and Music.

But it’s not just about making your stay special. They’re deeply committed to the local community, offering discounts for locals, supporting community projects, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Sounds like the perfect place, doesn’t it?

Tulum Treehouse

It all started as a home...

Built between tropical jungle and Caribbean Sea at a time when Tulum was still a sleepy coastal village on the edge of discovery. As Tulum evolved, so did the Treehouse. What began with five guestrooms and a coffee shop soon expanded to include a jungle bar inspired by Yucatán flavors, a cultural program, and an open-air kitchen that has become one of Tulum's iconic destination restaurants.

“This concrete property was built with artists of all types in mind, with its on-site ceramics kiln and weekly live talks, music performances, and more.”